November 15, 2019

A North Carolina Corvette Club

Foothills Corvette Club was formed in 1999 by the following members.  In May of 2001 the club was incorporated.   The Foothills Corvette Club, Inc. is a non-profit charitable and social club of Corvette owners formed for the purpose of gaining information, exchanging ideas, helping the community and enjoying the Corvette automobile.

                          In 2016 we lost two of our founding members.  They will be missed by all of us.

Thomas                                        James Walter

Tom McNeil                                                                               Sam Watkins

February 5, 1941 – June 6, 2016                                             June 15, 1937 – October 4, 2016

Carol & Harold Mecimore

Twyla & Larry Price

Wanda & Don Harrington

Barbara & Tom McNeil

Ray & Betty Lovette

Don & Carol Austin

Rachel & Jones Barnes

Sam Watkins & Judy Nichols

Jacque & Keith Meadows